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A rainstorm pushed through the city yesterday which had some high winds for about 10 minutes. I stepped outside to enjoy the scene when I heard a cracking noise. Looking down the street towards the noise I watched as a large tree limb fell into the street. My first instinct was to call the city police. The number I had in my phone for Harrisburg City Police was 717-255-3131. I called that number and heard a message that the mailbox was full. A few minutes later I called back and after several phone menus was prompted to type in the name of the officer I was trying to reach. This didn’t help as I was simply trying to reach ANYONE.

Taking a look at the Harrisburg City website you’ll notice first that the URL goes to¬†, not as it once did. But that is the least of our worries. We’re looking for a phone number for the police department. If you have an annoying popup that asks you to come enjoy Kapona festival, just close it.

There is a link to the right of the site for the City of Harrisburg Police Bureau. I would expect to at least find a phone number there so that I can call the police to let them know a tree is down blocking a street. But no, there is no phone number listed.

Being the geek I am, I resort to Twitter and ask the Harrisburg Twitterati for help. The response was to call 911. Seems odd to me as this was not an emergency. But I resorted to dialing 911 and explained that this was not an emergency and that I was simply trying to reach the Harrisburg Police Department. The person on the other line told me to dial 717-558-6900 which is the Dauphin County Dispatch phone number. Sure enough that did the trick and a few minutes later a police officer arrived on the scene.

That’s not to say the police officer did anything while he was there. He sat there for a few minutes, then drove away. The neighbors cleaned most of the tree limbs off the street themselves.





All I ask is that the city of Harrisburg make their website more accessible and list phone numbers for ALL public departments. You’re leaving the citizens in the dark here!

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3 thoughts on “How to contact the police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • Arlene Galla

    I have been attempting to call Hbg police this morning regarding wher I can park for the ArtsFest. Especiallly for FREE or at meters. Do I need a credit card? Quarters? dollar bills, etc. Called at least 8 numbers from onloine and all are recorded messages. One did answer….558-6900….but this perszon said they would have someone call me at their convenience!!! What hap[pens if I need someone for something REALLY important? Hoping not to be ticketed and that I have $$ for a meter. Not good customer service at all and this is our capital.

  • Vivian

    I’m sitting at my cousins house who call 911 at 10:05 pm and here it is 11:48 pm and still waiting what can they be doing on a Monday eatting donuts smh