2014 Toyota Tacoma Overland Build – Leer Cap

The main reason why I sold my motorcycle and traded in my car on this Toyota Tacoma is because I want to be able to travel anywhere, in any weather, and camp out of my vehicle. There are a few options when it comes to camping out of a truck. The roof top tent (RTT) is the “cool” option, but requires time to set up and tear down as the tent is attached to your truck. The trailer, which is also cool, but I have no place to store a trailer at my home, and I’m not a fan of maneuvering with such a device attached to my vehicle. And finally, sleeping in the bed of the truck under a cap. This is the route I’m going because it’s the most affordable in my case and requires no setup. The downside? I have a short bed Tacoma that is only about 5′ long. Good thing I’m short.

I was lucky enough to find a great deal on this Leer cap. The cap was green, but Maaco hooked it up with a color match for my truck for a good price. The total cost was still a fraction of what a brand new cap would cost.


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