After some deep thoughts and many frustrations with myself I decided that I needed to bail out of my Texas trip. I wasn’t making the miles that I thought were possible and seems that if I really wanted to do a trip like this and ENJOY it, I would need a good 4 weeks. This was frustrating for me because I really didn’t want to let people down. I told people I was going to Texas and that’s what I wanted to do. But I decided it was time to swallow my pride and admit it, this long of a trip is beyond my abilities at this point.

But my decision had some important factors to it. After less than 300 miles I was absolutely exhausted. My judgement was lacking. It would be a much better idea to take side roads, but then I would need a lot more time than what I had. Plus, traveling the highway and TRYING to make good time stopped me from enjoying the trip. I just wasn’t having fun. This is my vacation and I’m supposed to be enjoying it. If it’s not fun or if I don’t feel safe (both of which have happened), then it’s not worth doing.

So I will let everyone know that I was able to make it home by late yesterday evening. But I came home a much different route and was an adventure itself. Heck, even if I didn’t make it to Texas, these two days of travel have been quite an experience and I learned a lot. I still have plenty of time off to go do more riding to places I always wanted to check out.

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