Allergies for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you suffer from seasonal allergies like me and you live in or around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania you have probably noticed allergy symptoms recently. In my case I have noticed the itchy eyes, itchy throat, and stuffy nose. I have been using my emergency inhaler for my asthma quite often too since I have been keeping my windows open to enjoy the Spring breeze. Unfortunately this also lets all of that pollen blow through my house too.

Here’s a list of the plants which are causing your allergy symptoms in the Harrisburg area. Today’s pollen forecast shows a pollen count of 9.7 which is high. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania actually took the 44 spot in Spring allergy capitals of the United States this year following cities such as Philadelphia, PA (11), Allentown, PA (19), Pittsburgh, PA (26), and Scranton, PA (28).

Pennsylvania is not a good state to live in for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

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