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Historic Harrisburg Website Redesign

I just recently launched a redesigned website for the Historic Harrisburg Association, a non-profit organization in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The redesign and launch solved many issues. The most important issue the website redesign solved was the fact that the previous content management system was not maintained and eventually lost functionality which brought the website down. The new Historic Harrisburg Association website is built on the WordPress content management system with the following features:

  • Event postings (with the ability for content managers to add, edit, and delete events)
  • Donations via PayPal
  • Event ticket purchasing with tiered pricing and quantities
  • Membership purchasing and renewal
  • Responsive theme that reacts to device browser dimensions

In addition to redesigning the website, I am also maintaining the website by monitoring the content management system and plugins for updates and security issues along with managing cloud-based backups.


If you have a similar project, contact me and let’s work together!

Photoshop Magnet Kit

It’s gotten so bad lately that you can look at a magazine cover and immediately say, “airbrushed, lightened, clone-patched…” It seems everybody in print is digitally manipulating their photographs that nobody looks human anymore. Skin is too perfectly smooth, teeth too white, eyes too big, thighs too small, and other parts… enhanced…

I must order the Photoshop Magnet Kit from ThinkGeek soon. It’s just too cool not to have.