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Historic Harrisburg Website Redesign

I just recently launched a redesigned website for the Historic Harrisburg Association, a non-profit organization in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The redesign and launch solved many issues. The most important issue the website redesign solved was the fact that the previous content management system was not maintained and eventually lost functionality which brought the website down. The new Historic Harrisburg Association website is built on the WordPress content management system with the following features:

  • Event postings (with the ability for content managers to add, edit, and delete events)
  • Donations via PayPal
  • Event ticket purchasing with tiered pricing and quantities
  • Membership purchasing and renewal
  • Responsive theme that reacts to device browser dimensions

In addition to redesigning the website, I am also maintaining the website by monitoring the content management system and plugins for updates and security issues along with managing cloud-based backups.


If you have a similar project, contact me and let’s work together!

Vineyard at Hershey Website Launch

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve launched a new website design for The Vineyard at Hershey. The Vineyard at Hershey is one of the newer wineries here in Central, PA but don’t let that fool you. These guys turn out some amazing wine.

The project started in September when I learned they were looking for someone to revamp their web presence. They wanted site visitors to see that they were a fun destination for wine tasting and to tell their story. I had previously visited The Vineyard at Hershey on a few wine tasting trips before and always had a fun time. So after a few emails and a meeting, we kicked off the project.

Attending their Merlot Release Party gave me a chance to capture some photography to be used on the website. This event also gave them more press via the local news outlet The owners do a great job with their social media efforts via Twitter and Facebook already, so a redesign of their website really rounds off their online presence. One interesting fact is that they turn to their Social Media audience to name their wines. That’s a good reason to follow The Vineyard at Hershey. Stop in and sample some of their wines, you won’t be disappointed. Cheers!

Hacking for IE6

I’ve just spent a few days working on a site design problem with IE6. You see, you can’t just develop a web site for IE7 and Firefox. You should be testing your site design in different versions and include Safari and Opera (and maybe even a few others to be safe). But I found that IE6 was giving me some major trouble.

I was having problems with two things with IE6. First, IE6 doesn’t support PNG-24 transparency. Second, it has problems understanding the min-height css attribute. So after hours of trial-and-error and googling I found a solution for each of these.

To force IE6 to display transparent PNG-24 files I used bgsleight.js offered by Nater Kane. This actually worked perfectly to display PNG-24 files that I had used as background images in several divs in the site design.

IE6 didn’t seem to understand that I wanted a div to be the entire height of the browser window. Other browsers handled this with no problem when I set the min-height to 100%. I found my answer here. And it really isn’t a hack. It simply involves placing my styles for the min-height to the bottom of my css file. But now IE6 displays the div as a 100% height in the browser. Mission accomplished.