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Allergies for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you suffer from seasonal allergies like me and you live in or around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania you have probably noticed allergy symptoms recently. In my case I have noticed the itchy eyes, itchy throat, and stuffy nose. I have been using my emergency inhaler for my asthma quite often too since I have been keeping my windows open to enjoy the Spring breeze. Unfortunately this also lets all of that pollen blow through my house too.

Here’s a list of the plants which are causing your allergy symptoms in the Harrisburg area. Today’s pollen forecast shows a pollen count of 9.7 which is high. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania actually took the 44 spot in Spring allergy capitals of the United States this year following cities such as Philadelphia, PA (11), Allentown, PA (19), Pittsburgh, PA (26), and Scranton, PA (28).

Pennsylvania is not a good state to live in for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Premier Eye Care Results

My consultation with Premier Eye Care today went as expected. They performed the usual tests and dilated my pupils and took some cool photos of the topography of my eye. The results show that I am a candidate for LASIK or PRK

I was told that which ever I chose, I would probably need reading glasses in my 40’s. Unless I chose to only have one eye corrected for myopia. Then I could use one eye for focusing close and the other for focusing far away. They recommended trying to wear just one contact for a few days to see how it feels.

Next comes the price. Premier seems to be a lot more expensive than I had anticipated. Here’s the prices I was quoted.

Intralase LASIK
iLASIK with Intralase FS, Visx Star4 and Advanced CustomVue: $2,495 per eye 

Epi-LASIK and AST (Advanced Surface Treatment): $2,295 per eye

Enhancements: $190 

That is a lot more than what I was looking at spending. But now I can try a few other places and see what works best. I’m not necessarily looking for the lowest price. But I do want to see what my options are.

Premier Eye Care Initial Visit

Today at 1pm I have my initial visit at Premier Eye Care to see if I am a candidate for laser vision correction. I attended a seminar held by Premier Eye about two weeks ago and decided it was worth the free consultation. They will be checking my vision and what ever other tests they need to do so that they can recommend the proper treatment for me. And of course tell me how much it will cost. I will report back this afternoon with an update.