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Riding Tuscarora State Forest

Dual-Sport Motorcycling in the Tuscarora State Forest

The Tuscarora State Forest has always had a place in my heart, mainly because I grew up just a few miles away and spent much of my youth there. This natural area spans across Cumberland, Franklin, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin, and Perry counties and measures approximately 95,780 acres.

As a dual-sport motorcycle enthusiast, the Tuscarora State Forest is my go-to place to get my fix of off-road riding. One can easily ride the first roads in this area for an entire day and still not explore all of the reaches of the forest land. Make sure you stop to take in the scenery of the many outlooks in the area. There’s also many hiking trails for all hiking abilities. The Tuscarora State Forest is only an hour from Harrisburg making it an easy resource for outdoor activities.

This video begins on 3 Square Hollow Road near Newburg, PA, entering the Tuscarora State Forest from Cumberland County. Then meeting with Laural Run Road which runs through a large section in Perry County and passes Pioneer Cemetery. Making a left just past Pioneer Cemetery I ride up Wolf Road which leads to Horsehead Rocks overlook and the Doubling Gap Overlook. Wolf Road then becomes Bower Mountain Road which heads back west through the state forest.

I left Harrisburg on my BMW F650GS Twin around 1:30pm and returned home around 6pm. It took me about 20 minutes to find the entry to the state forest on 3 Square Hollow Road, and I also stopped to take in some scenery and hiking. This barely scratches the surface of what the Tuscarora State Forest has to offer.

Roomba 440 Cordless Robot Vacuum Unboxing

I broke down and bought a Roomba, a robot vacuum. I’ve seen these Roomba robots appear on deal sites over the last few years and they always peaked my interest. Reading the comments and reviews on these gadgets I see some people say they are a waste of money and prone to issues. Yet other reviews praise these cleaning robots for their ability to clean floors while you carry on with your day.

The Roomba 440 came up on Woot and I decided to take the plunge and buy it. It showed up at my door a few days later.

Following is the un-boxing of the Roomba 440.








Finally, after a nice charge I set the Roomba 440 loose on my living room and dining room which consists of wood floors and a large area rug. The Roomba shipped with “virtual walls” which each take 2 C-size batteries. These “virtual walls” can be setup in a doorway which creates an invisible barrier in which the Roomba will not pass when enabled. I didn’t have any C-size batteries so I wasn’t able to test this feature.


The above photo shows what the Roomba 440 captured from my floors. Even though my dog Terry is of a non-shedding variety (cockapoo), he still leaves little tufts of hair around the house. The Roomba easily crossed the floors and under the dining room table cleaning hair and dust with ease.

Finally, here is my video of the Roomba cleaning my floor as Terry watches.

Violence in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you have been listening to the news lately you may have heard of the frequent shootings here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Everyone seems to be blaming everyone else. There’s talk of the Pennsylvania State Police coming in to the city to help the Harrisburg Police Department, some want the National Guard to help, and the Guardian Angels from York, Pennsylvania came to the city to patrol our streets.

The problem stems from the youth. Simple as that. Of course these people have influence from somewhere. They need to be reached out to and changed! Their thoughts are simply wrong. Take the following video for example. Just possibly, the people in this video are behind something illegal that has happened in the city of Harrisburg.

“All my niggas doin’ crimes and facing time as high as the big dipper”

“Bullets whiz past your head my aim lazy. Never been to the range dog I blaze crazy.”

“We on the block. Look a shot ricochet hit your daughter and baby heads. Look, this is real livin’. You can help me out like pimpin’ but I kill like Jordan and I grill like Foreman.”

“… when the car come through throw five shots in his top. Fuck it, it was broad day on the fuckin’ block but he had to let his gun pop.”

You get the idea of what is going through these people’s minds. They need to get some real jobs and get off the streets. It’s not that difficult. Go to school, go to college, and start a career. It’s all available to you!

Maybe the HPD should just go through YouTube and try to identify all of the people who seem to be flaunting their disregard for the law. Sounds like a good place to start to me.