Charisse Pempengco to Perform at Obama Inauguration

Never before have I heard of Charisse Pempengco. Until today. Who is she? She is a filipino with an AMAZING voice! Just watch this video for a taste of what this girl can do. I had no idea such an amazing voice would come from this girl!

The Starometer says that she will be performing “God Bless America” and “One Moment in Time” at the pre-inaugural party on January 18th in Washington D.C. I would actually like to see her sing the National Anthem at the inauguration. We shall see.


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    by Kikay January 20, 2009

    Thank you very much Oprah W. for giving Charisse to sing “Inaguration” We Filipino
    are so proud of Charisse she is the best.
    Keep it up Charisse. Hooray for Charisse.

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    KIKOY January 21, 2009


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    mai January 29, 2009

    that was awesome.

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    Marilyn Abanes February 5, 2009

    Go, go Charisse we support you.

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    Lou February 22, 2009

    Phenomenal star…great pride of all Pinoys. We love you..

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    ebelle March 5, 2009

    yeah… as a filipino am very proud of charisse pempengco… God Bless the talented Filipinos

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    heather Pilkington August 30, 2009

    I have seen her sing but why have we not heard of her in this country on out TV screens. What is she doing now and what is her actual age. I can not believe she is only 16/18 and she seems so very well trained in singing. Whatever age she is her voice is amazing and I say again ,why has she not been on british TV and where is she now?

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    Joseph B. Tolentino November 25, 2009

    Keep it up Charisse, I am very proud to you because me also when I was young , I also joined a singing contset just like you…. I will be praying for your success… More power and goodluck…..

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    lorilie nebres March 26, 2011

    charisse has a very good voice amazing!!!!!hope charisee never change!!!

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