Considering Lasik Eye Surgery

I’ve been wearing glasses for a few years now. It wasn’t much of a deal at first. But over this time I’ve found how wearing glasses or contacts can be a hassle. I tried contacts for about a year but because I have dry eyes they seem to bother me more than they are worth. Glasses tend to fog up in humidity, slide off my nose on hot days, get in the way when trying to look through the lens of my camera, one last thing to put on when I put my motorcycle helmet on and prevents me from wearing sun glasses. So I’m considering having Lasik eye surgery done to correct my vision.

I’m considering going with LasikPlus as they have an office in Harrisburg which is convenient for me. I’ve read their site quite a bit, requested some more information on their procedures, and received a phone call from them. I know it’s not cheap. Probably $1,000 to $2,000 per eye. And my health insurance doesn’t cover any of it. So it will be all out of my pocket. But I’m starting to see it as an investment in my quality of life.

Money aside, I’m curious what other people’s experiences have been with Lasik surgery. How has life been after the procedure? Have there been any complications? Has anyone else used LasikPlus?


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    sophia jason December 8, 2008

    LASIK eye surgery is one of the most prevalent vision correction procedures. As with any surgery, LASIK has associated risks and complications.Therefore, make sure that your surgery is performed by an experienced ophthalmologist.
    LASIK surgery is a wonderful advancement in technology. Custom LASIK is the newest technology approved by the FDA recently and who knows what is coming up in the future? To know more about Lasik procedures feel free to visit here to read click here, read more about Lasik

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    Stephanie December 29, 2008

    I did it. They would only do one eye (as I’m in the over-40 bunch) and I love it. I wear one contact and the other eye has much better vision, unassisted.
    I did this a few years ago and haven’t regretted it. Surgery was a snap, really. Not bad at all.

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