Do Not Use HostOnce for Web Hosting

One of my clients uses HostOnce to host their web site. Recently, something happened on the server that causes a username and password dialog box to appear when you pull up my client’s web site in a browser. This is unacceptable. So I go to the HostOnce web site (I’m not even going to give them the favor or linking to them) to try to contact them. I create an account and submit a help desk ticket. They do not have a phone number listed to contact them. A week goes by and they still have not responded.

Yesterday I was testing the site again and found the my client’s site was completely down. So I go back to the HostOnce site and to my surprise their site was down as well. This is just not acceptable. Even if my client does not raise concern with this, I will. My client is a private school and the new school year begins in just two seeks. This is not a good time for their site to be down because returning students and potential new students could be trying to access the site for important information.

I took the initiative and referred my client to GoDaddy for new hosting. I have other clients that use GoDaddy and they have excellent customer service, great pricing, and awesome features on their hosting plans. Plus I had them pay for a domain transfer so that GoDaddy will have control of the domain and to point it to the GoDaddy DNS servers.

Now I just need to wait for HostOnce to respond to the domain transfer request. I hope they do this faster than they respond to the help desk tickets.

I have no problems giving credit to businesses which I deal with that offer great services. But if I’m not happy with dealing with a company, I will let many more people know about the bad experience.

Host once seems to be an Australian company. Their address that is listed on Network Solutions is:

PO Box 8016
Oakleigh East, Vic 3166


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    dom August 19, 2008

    same thing … my sites have been down for a week.. no nothing. Nobody to call, nobody answers email. ADVICE.. they are a scam. They are taking new clients (that page seems to work just fine) but you are out of luck if you are an existing client.

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    DREi August 20, 2008

    Same problem here as well. At first I noticed my POP3 connection in Outlook wasn’t working. Next my website was down, I then logged on to Hostonce only to find that the whole Hostonce domain was unavailable. I have used Hostonce for over 5 Years and have never seen anything like the outages they are having lately. Totally unacceptable in my book as well. I think I’ll be looking to GoDaddy soon.

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    Pat August 27, 2008

    I have been a customer of HostOnce since 2001 and the service has been horrible all of 2008. I had 8 domains there, one with a secure server. That one was down for over a month and I put ticket after ticket in with no success. I finally moved all of my domains to which I’m very happy with. But there is still a big issue left hanging. Only 3 of my domains were eligible for transfer at the time I changed hosting companies so I had the others pointed. Now there are 4 more eligible, one was set to expire on 9/1/08, but hostonce has not given me the auth codes, then had the odacity to renew my main business domain to 9/1/09. I have sent many emails, help tickets to no avail. My hosting company, DotRegistrar nor ICANN can help me. The domains have to expire and then go back into the public for 90 days before I can register/buy them again. Anyone got any ideas??

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    col August 28, 2008

    Same here with these cowboys since 2002 my site has been down for 3 and a half weeks
    i have lost over $60000 dollars in sales plus have had no new clients and no idea how many clients i have lost I have also called dotRegistar and emailed ICANN no one can help
    Even if Hostonce started returnig emails i dont think they would have enough clients after what they have done to continue business
    So I cant understand if a business isnt providing a service or responding to the emails or help requests why you cant just take your domain name a go somewhere elese
    If any has ides how to get domain names back let us know

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    Frances August 29, 2008

    Same with me! My site seems to have all the pages, graphics, etc. but the index is gone! I also cannot upload anything via my ftp engine.

    My site is just a “toy” so I can move it and get a new domain name then get a transfer from hostonce.

    I’ve been using them since 2000 and they’ve been great except for the past few months. But I’m giving them up.

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    LeeH September 3, 2008

    I too have had a domain hijacked in the past few weeks. I have had several domains with them for a few years. Recently availability has plummeted. My site with hostonce has been down over a week. I have contacted them by email and submitted several support requests. I have submitted domain transfer requests too. I have had no response; nothing. I have had to register a similarly-named domain and upload content again. This type of hijacking/squatting has to be illegal somewhere!

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    SandraG September 4, 2008

    I was a customer of Host Once since 2001. Everything ran fairly smoothly until 3 weeks ago. Suddenly I could not access my FTP account. I did a trouble ticket and instead of the usual 24 hour turn around I got no answer. My website went completely down a few days later. I was very concerned when I found the Host Once site down also. Even the billing site went down. I have never received an answer to the trouble ticket I submitted. I had paid for a year of service in May. So I wrote an e-mail to and was surprised to get an answer. They have refunded my money with no explanation.
    Unfortunately I have lost my domain. I have been doing business under that domain for seven years. But Host Once is registered as owner and I can’t get an answer out of them.
    My website is not a toy. It has been my main source of income for the past two years. Now I am going to have to start from scratch.

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    Ed C September 6, 2008

    My site has also been down for several weeks and I’ve submitted several help desk tickets as well. I’ve used Hostonce for several years, I think before 2000. I’m sure this violates their contract. I wish we could get a class action law suite against them. I did find this old website

    Which posted their contact info being in the USA…
    705A Wesley Pines Rd
    Lumberton NC 28358

    Sales Hotline: 910-402-4678

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    Jonathan September 8, 2008

    Well, I rescued my client. No thanks to HostOnce. They chose a new domain name which we registered with and everything is back online, just under a new domain. I would recommend this to anyone else as well. Hopefully a lawsuit will come down on HostOnce for their lack of response and inability to offer a service to those who have paid for it.

    My client was actually very happy that she could call GoDaddy and they handled everything with ease. She was very impressed. Kudos to a happy client!

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    NW September 10, 2008

    There is a open class action suit being filed against

    Please contact us at as well as


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    Daena September 12, 2008

    I discovered today that my client’s site was down, also getting the dreaded login screen. I was unable to login to the hostonce control panel and tried the OLD password on a whim. I got in right away and found that the ftp account (and the website, of course) had been deleted. I set up the ftp account again and was able to upload the site to the server, but we’re still getting the login screen. We are trying to get the domain transferred and submitted a help desk ticket on 8/5/2008. It’s still listed as open, but no joy. We are setting up a site under a similar URL at 1&1, who I’ve been very pleased with over the years. I emailed billing, so we’ll see if I get a response.

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    Ian September 13, 2008

    I have a feeling these cowboys have disappeared. I got in touch with them under a false name to enquire about their hosting reseller services but despite two friendly reminders they haven’t bothered to respond. They are holding two of my domains to ransom – one of which is a business, the other of which is just my personal website. I’m just going to continue to email them every day and see what happens.

    Can anyone suggest WHY they would want to hold onto our domains? I can’t think of any good reason.

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    Garry September 13, 2008

    Same here. I’ve been with them since 2001. I decided to check my whois info and noticed my domain was near expiration. I wondered why I was not notified and decided to check my control panel I found that my mail forwarding to another mailbox (at another domain/host) was not set to forward (has always been) then I noticed that I could not even access my webmail. I opened 2 tickets with them and surprise… no reply. My domain has since expired. This is really crappy service, I have joned up at and I hope they’re sued for everything they have. I wonder how my email forwarding stopped on that particular account, I have 4 other email accounts and they were still set to forward but the acount that I had set for contact from hostonce was turn off. Sounds fishy to me.

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    Hope September 14, 2008

    I have transferred most of my business a year ago and hope that someone can get to the bottom of this missing company. I’ve lost business as a result of this critical error.

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    Tahir September 15, 2008

    I have read most of the comments posted here and I’m another client from HostOnce (I was registered in the year 2002 ) where my website has been down for weeks now.

    I tried to contact many times to their email: and they do not respond.

    So my next plan is to register with , they have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

    Meanwhile I will try to fight to get my money back from Hostonce.

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    Elliot Cramer September 16, 2008

    I’ve had two websites for a number of years and have been very satisfied. It’s not a business and has light use. I just discovered that my sites are down as well as their site. When I call their sales office, I get a circuit busy message. I can’t email their sales office. I assume that they are gone

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    Elliot Cramer September 16, 2008

    I’ve done some research. Listed at their NC address is
    Carolina Online
    705A Wesley Pines Rd Lumberton, NC. 28358
    Sales: (888) 839-4595
    Billing: (888) 839-4595

    They have not been doing billing for hostonce for several months though hostonce is listed on their website as their sister company. They claim to know nothing about hostonce now.

    Using whois I find that is the sponsoring registrant but that is now at 360-449-5989. I fortunately had hostonce transfer the account to me. I was told to log onto and open an account. Then I can fax them with a picture id to move the domain to my account (360-253-4234). Then I can have anyone host my sites. I’d probably be out of luck if I hadn’t transferred them.

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    BinKamal September 20, 2008

    Ooh my GOD, I have the same problem with hostonce. recently they have nothing working.

    I tried to contact them many times to their email: and still all my domains showing expired domain page. I paid all my invoices and still nothing happen.
    They promised to solve the problem . Now, 2 weeks and my domains are still expired.

    I think they have big problems. better to find another hosting service

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    hostone hate September 20, 2008

    same thing happened with my site and the help desk no reply to me and billing e-mail too what can I do now .
    very bad company …

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    Blizzard September 21, 2008

    All my websites are down too, getting asked for a username and password. I have had no reply from HostOnce at all.

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    Leo153 September 22, 2008

    What a disgrace that company is [host once should be host never!]
    I’m trying to set up with Go Daddy, but they need my current EPP code
    And I can’t find it in the control panel. Does anyone know how I get it?
    I need to leave that crap company now?

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    Jonathan September 23, 2008


    A little Google search came up with a lot of info on this. Here’s an example that may help you. Good luck at getting away from HostOnce!

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    Elliot Cramer September 26, 2008

    I did what I was told (see above under my name)
    I apparently now have control over my websites and it didn’t cost anything. I was able to make myself the administrator. Fortunately hostonce did change ownership to me as I asked them after their waiting period. I was going to switch to godaddy but after reading what Leo referred to, I guess namecheap is better. It looks as though I can have them both under one account with them for less than I paid for both with hostonce. I want to keep control of them but I’m not sure what is involved

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    Nancy September 30, 2008

    I had two websites on hostmonster for over a year and last weekend they migrated my site without a proper back up and completed DELETED both of my entire websites along with 900 other websites. If you have had problems with hostmonster in the last three years, please get in contact with me to join a class action law suit against them. They are claiming zero responsibility for the horrific act. Not only do they expect us to rebuild our websites at our expense they are expecting us to be o.k. with the loss of revenue this has also created. Hostmonster generates millions of dollars each month in revenue. Corporate America – enough of your passing the buck. It’s time for us to stick together and make them pay for their mistakes. Please contact me to join the class action lawsuit.
    305 494 9304 Nancy

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    Megan September 30, 2008

    We have 4 websites with hostonce that have been down for the last month………..It’s concerning to read that others are experiencing the same thing………..Our websites are currently online…….but emails are not coming through and my FTP passwords are apparently incorret. ……….So my websites online but I can’t update it………..I think it’s just a matter of time before they pull the plug.

    I live in Australia and have tried to called the number in Victoria that apparently is hostonce……….but it is disconnected.

    They also had….until recently……and Australian domain name ( which no longer exists…….

    Looks like the rats are leaving the sinking ship.

    I will contact the Australian department of fair trading……….to see if we have any ground to stand on in retreiving our domain names.


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    Ryan October 3, 2008

    The class action suit is underway. Go to

    We are in discussions with a lawyer. We need as many people as possible and we are building evidence against them now.

    If you are sick of HostOnce and their horrible service then join us in taking them down.

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    Megan October 6, 2008

    hey Guys,

    My FTP for all for accounts is working again……….I followed Hostonces instructions on their support page……….after my first try this did not work………..but my second attempt was sucessful……….Go figure?.

    Now all I need is for Hostonce to respond to my request to tranfers the domain names.


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    Elliot October 21, 2008

    I was able to reload files to my other website but when I tried on this one, I got a message saying that I didn’t have any disk space. Billing writes me saying
    Unfortunately we do not issue credits for downtime and we only process refunds for cancellations which occur during the first 30 days of service

    No one responds to problem postings. I was able to switch to because I was smart enough to have them put the accounts in my name. If you didn’t do that, you are probably out of luck. Godaddy is great; They have telephone support and you can host 50 websites for under $10.

    I see now that their website says
    Due to recent stability issues, we have migrated all our servers away from our original data center to a new center located in New Jersey.

    They finally posted something for me on their helpdesk but they never emailed me anything about it. I wish we could publicize this site so that other suckers don’t waste their money on them

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    Tom November 7, 2008

    Anyone know a phone number for hostonce so I can call them and get my DNS changed so I can transfer out of this sad service???

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    Sebin November 15, 2008

    Thank you for your report. We’re sorry that you have experienced trouble with your domain registration. We have sent your problem report to ICANN, which will forward it to your registrar. We hope you will be able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

    ICANN will review your problem report and use it in establishing long-term registrar policy.

    For a complete list of ICANN-accredited registrars, please visit

    Name: Sebin Babu K P
    Organization: sebospace
    Phone: 971502426755
    Real Registrar Name: DOTREGISTRAR, LLC.


    Sir as a service provider was registered my domain on 11-NOV-04 onwards. Now I want to get the domain name from this people and renew this. Or renew this from their side and point to the DNS NS45.MYSERVERHOSTS.COM and NS46.MYSERVERHOSTS.COM.

    After paying the amount also Hostonce is not renewing my domain and due to this I am loosing my daily bread business. A lot of people having complaint about their services that you can find in google search for is their policy page for transfering domain to the owner. I have kept the mails as prveious conversations.

    What should I do sir they are not renewing it or not allowing me to renew. or transfering to me. I am loosing business due to this kind of bad specialisation.

    Pls help me what to do where to go.




    From: Billing []
    Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 8:05 PM
    Subject: RE: DNS FORWARD

    I have forwarded your request to our Domain Department.



    Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 10:48 AM
    Subject: FW: DNS FORWARD


    Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 7:48 PM
    To: ‘’
    Subject: DNS FORWARD


    Pls forward the DNS for to the following

    Please change the DNS of to..

    This site is down for last few days. Last month I made the payment for domain.


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    Leonardo November 30, 2009


    Please I need your help, I need to transfer my Domain out of hostonce this guys are the worse. FUCK… RATS!!
    No Phone number, not reply any email at all.
    Please I need somebody to show me a light, You don’t even know how angry I am with this situation!!
    Appreciate your help.

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    Strangerst March 1, 2010

    somebody know how can I contact to hostonce I’m crazy because my domain name is expired and for me is impossible think in change it. I have two number 910…4678 an 910…1999, and the but don’t happend nothig.

    somebody that know another phonenumber or how can I contact them.


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