Dust Proofing the Tacoma Bed S01E02

Since I will be building a sleeping platform in the bed of the Toyota Tacoma, I need to dust proof it. I realized how much dust gets into the bed of the truck pretty quickly by driving many miles of dirt roads with the tonneau cover attached. One look inside and everything was covered in dust. The tailgate seal I used below is the Ultimate Tailgate Seal available on Amazon.

Toyota Tacoma bed drain hole

There are three drain holes near the cab side of the bed. These are great to have if you have water in the bed of the truck. But my bed will be covered. So these need covered to keep dust and moisture out of the bed.

Duct tape hole cover

Black duct tape to the rescue! Simple, inexpensive, and should work.

Toyota Tacoma right side storage compartment

The right side storage compartment in the bed of the Tacoma has drain holes in the back and large holes for the hinge of the cover. This allows too much dust into the bed.

Dust proof side storage

I covered the drain holes with black dust tape. The hinge holes are covered with insulated adhesive which I sliced with a knife to allow the hinge part of the cover to pass through.

Dust proof left storage compartment

The large storage compartment in the bed of the Tacoma is dust proof the same way. Black duct tape covering the drain holes, and insulated tape covering the hinge holes.

Applying the tailgate seal to the Toyota Tacoma

Getting ready to apply the tailgate seal to the Toyota Tacoma.

Ultimate Tailgate Seal

The ultimate tailgate seal applied around the edges of the Toyota Tacoma tailgate to keep dust and moisture out.


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    Chris April 6, 2020

    I need to do something similar For a 2020 Taco. How’d your project work out in the end? Anything you’d change?

    • Reply
      Jonathan Smith April 6, 2020

      It functioned ok for about 6 months. But eventually the foam in the bins came loose and the tailgate seal also came loose. It was a pretty simple and inexpensive project though. I don’t think there’s any way to keep the bed perfectly sealed.

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