Experienced Rider Course

I signed up for the Experience Rider Course being held by the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program which is being held at Appalachian Harley Davidson in Mechaniscburg, PA on May 17th from 8am to 2pm. Two fellow co-workers also signed up so it will be nice to take the course with people I know and to meet new people.

Pennsylvania seems to have an excellent motorcycle program. Getting a motorcycle permit through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation was quite simple if you study the book (which most motorcycle shops should be able to provide). Then, by signing up for the Basic Rider Course which is held FREE of charge (also by PAMSP), you will learn a lot in the class room, and even more on the bikes as you take the ridden part of the class. And at the end of the class you are given the riding test which is made up of all the obstacles you had already been trained on. If you pass, you have your license. If you fail, well, you need to take it again.

Additionally, they offer the Experienced Rider Course which should help you with your skills as you have some road miles under the belt. This also is free of charge. I’ve been road riding for just about a year now so I thought I would take advantage of this. You can never stop learning. And riding motorcycles has it’s risks. So I would like to be as safe as possible when I ride.

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