Huf Haus

Photo courtesy of Khrum.

I believe I found my next home. It will be a Huf Haus. Now I just need to find a nice plot of land with a view and see if they can come to the United States from Germany to construct a unique and wonderful post and beam home for me.

More Huf Haus photos available on Flickr.


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    Amy E. June 17, 2008

    Yes, I would like them to come to the States as well and build me a house. I am going to call them tonight (which will be their tomorrow) and see if they will.


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    Matty N. July 11, 2008


    Any word rom Huf Haus?

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    michael July 4, 2009

    Guys, I am also seriously looking into this. Can you update us on your communications with the Huf Company? Is it do-able? What is the minimum cost?

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