Ikea is a bag-free store

I happened to spend a lot of this weekend at Ikea in Baltimore. I’m not a frequent Ikea shopper so I was not aware of this until check-out but Ikea is a bag-free store. At check out I was asked if I’d like to purchase a bag to use for my items. They had boxes available if needed, but no plastic bags. This is actually a pretty cool idea. I just used the cart to get the items to the car and returned the cart. No plastic bags needed or wasted so it is better for the environment. I believe some grocery stores are similar where you can purchase a bag to use for shopping at their stores. Now that I was actually confronted with this decision I may look at changing the habit for saying “plastic bags are fine” when I check-out. Just trying to do what I can to help the environment.


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    andipantz August 12, 2008

    Ikea actually sells some really sturdy, snazzy shopping bags that I use sometimes and they’re like $2. And not the ones that are the yellow/blue ikea shopping bags that you can use. I have a bunch of bags that I use for shopping. Stopped accepting/using bags from the stores about two years ago. But I think you knew that. 😛

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    Mike September 4, 2008

    Yeah I’ve noticed the same thing in the Ikeas over here in the UK. Most major supermarkets are encouraging the use of old bags by limiting the availability of new ones.

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