Leaving On A Jet Plane

Back in April I went on a vacation. The biggest and best vacation to date. Erica and I left the United States and flew to Italy to visit some of her family.

Inside HIA

We flew our of Harrisburg International Airport for convenience. The weather in Harrisburg was cold and rainy.

Puddle Jumper at HIA

And we were getting on this little prop plane to fly to Philadelphia. I’m not a fan of flying in the first place and this little plane didn’t make me feel any better.

Philadelphia International Airport

We flew into Philadelphia International Airport where we awaited our flight to Brussels, Belgium.

Cross Atlantic Jet

This is the plane that would take across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe. The thought of flying over the Atlantic Ocean amazes me. It wasn’t long ago when the only way to reach Europe was by boat. And here it would take us a matter of hours.

Flight Self Portrait

There wasn’t much to do to pass the time crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We were flying into the night, the cabin was noisy and the air was dry. What better time for a self-portrait?

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    Scott August 8, 2011

    Having noticed your photos on Flickr from the trip, it looks like an amazing and fun trip. I have never been out of the country yet. I have been to California, Texas and a bunch of states in between, but not out of the country. Europe is a trip my wife and I talk about taking someday.

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