Living in the City

The reason I moved into the city of Harrisburg was because I could find a decent house to buy for a good price. It definitely helped me purchase my first home. And at the time it was just a few blocks from work. But that changed.

A few weeks ago I was talking with my boss who recently moved into the city himself. He said that Harrisburg offers all the problems of living in a city without many of the benefits of living in a city. I completely agree. And here is my list of pros and cons of living in the city of Harrisburg.

1. Inexpensive housing.
2. The river is beautiful.

1. Taxes are high.
2. Public schools are horrible.
3. Lack of family oriented establishments.
4. Lack of coffee shops with decent hours.
5. Roads are always in poor shape.
6. Serious crimes.
7. Lack of spring cleaning for trash pick-ups.
8. No grocery shopping in the city.
9. Parking (I need to pay for a parking permit in front of my house)

There are probably more but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

After living here for a few years I’m anticipating my next move. It will probably be to Camp Hill. But before I make any decisions I will need to speak with my Realtor and get some suggestions from him. I’m thinking this may happen within the next year if I can do it.


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    d. January 15, 2009

    Did you decide to move? Have you moved? I’ve run across your posts and ultimately determined you might be the admin of the Friends of Midtown site, and have been browsing through the posts there – including the wretched writings of the user who calls him/herself EdwardGRendell. I’ve been seriously considering buying one of the renovations in the Green Street/Susquehanna area, and I have to admit that posts such as this are very, very discouraging. Guess I’d like to know if you’ve given up on the city.

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      Jonathan January 16, 2009

      No, I did not move (yet). And yes, I am the admin for the Friends of Midtown site. Some of the comments from the user who calls themselves EdwardGRendell should be taken with a grain of salt. But, there is some truth behind his words.

      I will still move. It is just a matter of time. I bought my house about 3 or 4 years ago with help from the Dauphin County first time home buyer assistance. They gave me $5,000 towards my closing costs but the stipulation is that I need to pay that money back to the county if I pay off the mortgage or if I sell the house. Only living here for a few years, the state of the housing market, along with the re-payment of this money puts me in a spot where it just doesn’t make sense to sell. For that reason, I am still living in the city.

      Once I pay on my house enough to remove PMI and I get to the point where I can sell my house for a profit (after paying the $5,000 back to the county), I will look at moving outside the city. I’m considering Susquehanna township but it is too early to even think about my next move. Hope this information helps.

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