Living Homes

I seem to be on an architecture kick lately. I’ve always been fascinated with architecture and even wanted to become an architect at one point in my life. Recently I learned about LivingHomes. These homes are designed by architects but are built in factories to very precise standards. They also use natural, non-toxic and sustainably-derived materials and because they are built in a factory, the waste material is very minimal compared to the average stick-built home.

Not only do I find these homes absolutely stunning to look at, but they are also built with the environment in mind. When you “configure” your home, you can choose to harvest rain water which traps rain water and uses it for irrigation of plants around your house. LivingHomes recommends choosing land for the home in an urban area which is already close to waterlines, sewers, electrical lines, community resources and mass transit. That would make Harrisburg a prime area to build. I wonder how much a small vacant lot in the city would cost. Hmmm…

There are many models to choose from. Or you can select to have one custom designed to suit your needs. My house is a nice first home for me. But I still dream of one day owning the “home of my dreams”. The LivingHome looks like it just may fit my dreams rather well.

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