Motorcycle Accident Follow-up

This week I met with Scott Cooper of the law firm Schmidt Kramer in Harrisburg to discuss my accident. One of my concerns was that my auto insurance policy states that I have a limited tort option. Scott informed me that since I was on a motorcycle that I have full tort options because the motorcycle is not considered a passenger vehicle. Scott was very friendly and cleared up many concerns that I had.

I have since delivered several pay stubs, photos of my motorcycle, a photo of my back injury, the estimate of repairs needed for the motorcycle, my health plan book, and signed off forms so that he can contact my family doctor, Hershey Medical Center, my insurance company, and my employer. Two things that I am still working on is an itemized list of the motorcycle gear I was wearing at the time of the accident with a replacement cost, and a follow up appointment with a specialist to look at my rib injury. Even though I was told nothing was broken, I continue to have pain in my ribs on my right side. This prevents me from lifting anything, pulling any doors open with my right hand, sleeping on my right side, and hurts like hell when I sneeze.

The crew at Velocity have been wonderful to deal with. They picked up my motorcycle at the scene of the accident, have gone over the motorcycle with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they identify all parts of the bike that need repaired, and have helped my itemize my list of gear and prices.

I have not heard anything from my insurance provider (Erie) except the day of the accident when they called me to inform me that they would not cover any of my medical expenses. How thoughtful and perfect timing of them. Nor have I heard from the other parties insurance company.


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    Scott September 11, 2009

    You will not hear from either insurance company and if you call them they will continue to brush you off because the accident was not your fault. As I stated in my previous reply, Julie and I never saw a penny of our deductible money returned and we only heard from the insurance companies if we called them. Please continue posting on whether getting a lawyer involved actually helps.

    We avoided this because we were not hurt. We also truly thought that eventually we would be refunded. Three and four years later we now realize we will never see that money.

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    Jonathan September 11, 2009

    Scott Cooper told me that if my insurance company was not responding to me or giving me the run-around, that I should let him know. He would then make a nasty phone call to my insurance company and keep them in check. They need to do their job! After all, that’s what we pay them for!

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