My Interesting Wednesday Night

Ok, so here is how my Wednesday night panned out. I headed over to Appalachian Brewery on Cameron Street for the monthly Tweetup. Supposedly this was going to be held downstairs since there was a band booked for upstairs. So I head over to the bar and grab a seat. Dinner sounds good as I haven’t eaten yet. And since I don’t drink I ordered an iced tea and some dinner.

As I’m sitting there drinking my tea and checking out the boring sports on the TV I glance around and see none of my fellow twitterers. Oh well. I’m here. Then this older guy sits down two seats away from me in the corner. He seems to be mumbling stuff and has the bartender read the list of beers because he says he forgot his glasses. Whatever.

My food comes out and I start eating. Then a younger guy site to the other side of me and starts talking to the waitress. Then I feel someone sitting closer to my right. The older guy who was mumbling is now sitting right next to me. I glance over at him to see what the hell he was doing and he fucking winks at me. My mind is going “WTF” as I try to grasp what just happened. Ok Jonathan, shrug it off. Get back to eating. Just then he gets up to go to the bathroom and fucking touches my side as he gets out of his eat! Was it a mistake? I think not. Total WTF going through my mind now.

So I start talking to the dude to my left. His name was Justin and it just happened that he was in the band that was going to be playing upstairs. We started talking about soccer, music, and the fact that he lived in west Africa for a few months which is what influenced the band’s music. Really cool dude. I mentioned I was going to Asheville, North Carolina next week and he said that Asheville was the band’s home town! Awesome.

So Justin got my name and put me on the guest list and told me to come up and check out the band. Win! So I didn’t really attend the tweetup. But this was a cool fucking connection. I headed home for a short bit to take care of the dog and to grab the camera. As I got home my phone rang. Some number I didn’t recognize. It was a guy from Oklahoma who wanted to by my BMW F650GS. He said he owned a mine in Oklahoma and was currently riding a BMW R1200RT but wanted my F650GS as it would be far better for the dirt roads in the mines. I told him it was kinda sold although I did not have a deposit on it yet. I also told him I was riding it to North Carolina next week. He asked if I would be interested riding the bike from North Carolina to Oklahoma, he would pay me for the bike on arrival and get me a flight home. Whoah. That sounds like a crazy awesome deal. But one hell of a long ride. We exchanged some info on the bike and ended the conversation for both of us to think about things.

Then I headed back to Appalachian Brewery to check out Toubab Krewe. Sure enough, my name was on the guest list which meant zero cover. More win! A few minutes later I saw Jersey Mike, followed by Jason Bowser, then Jut Imes. Cool. It’s a good night. The music was great. Then I checked out their tour schedule while browsing their CD’s. They will be playing at a place called the Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina on April 24th which is the Friday I will be in the area! So I think I’m going to ride to Asheville to see them while I’m down that way. Would be cool to see them in their home town.

So that was my Wednesday night. Crazy events, meeting cool people, wanting to inflict much harm on just one person. But in all it was an exciting night. Maybe I need to get out more. It was fun.

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    Jersey April 16, 2009


    What a night!

    Sounds like a sitcom!

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