Revitalize State Street

It dawned on me last weekend as I was driving into Harrisburg from Walnut Street/State Street how beautiful our State Capitol is at night. To see the dome of the Capitol lit beyond the pillar structures of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge is just stunning. The view alone sets my mind at ease and push back the thoughts of the current crime rates and financial despair that plagues our city.

Looking around at the homes that line State Street I see beautiful architecture that can’t be found in today’s new homes. But at the same time, these homes appear to be in poor shape. There are no coffee shops, no cafes, no book stores, no art galleries, and no restaurants. I can’t help but dream of how amazing this neighborhood would be if the homes were rehabilitated to their original charm. Throw in a local coffee shop like Little Amps that offers fresh roasted coffee and music. Maybe a restaurant like Arepa City that offers good food and outdoor seating.

Imagine living on one of those few blocks, walking down the street to enjoy a meal outside on a Spring evening looking down upon the Capitol Dome lit up in all it’s glory. Or maybe you work downtown, walking down the street to grab a coffee at the local coffee shop before walking across the bridge into Downtown. Neighbors saying “Good morning Dave” as you walk by. Assuming your name is Dave. You would have an excellent view of the sun coming up and shining it’s first light upon the State Capitol.

The few blocks of State Street at the end of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge is a gem if you ask me. Besides Shipoke which has so much charm and other residential areas near the river, I would have to say this would be the most beautiful part of the city. If I were a developer, I would gamble on trying to develop this area.

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