Sticky Goodness

My friend Mike and I decided last week that we should do a weekly ride on our motorcycles with an ice cream destination. Last week it was 3B Ice Cream on Linglestown Road and Colonial Road. A small ice cream is most certainly enough. I don’t know how anyone would be able to hold a large ice cream cone from 3B. It was a nice end to the night after I grilled some dinner for Mike and his girlfriend Lisa.

Last night we decided to head out again. I thought it may be a bit cold to sit outside and eat ice cream. This time we decided to ride to Eat’n Park on Eisenhower Blvd. I haven’t been to Eat’n Park in years and I feel like the establishments have really gone down hill since they first appeared in the area. But it allowed us a nice ride along the river before taking the back way through Steelton and behind the Harrisburg Mall.

We ordered stickies à la mode and hot cocoa. Yummmmm! Spending time with good friends over a tasty treat like that… things couldn’t be much better. Eat’n Park still isn’t my favorite place to go. But it’s definitely worth a trip for some stickies à la mode and hot cocoa.

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