Stranger Things Have Happened

Have you ever heard someone say “Stranger things have happened.”? Well, I would like to live my life getting to the point when I can’t actually say “Stranger things have happened.”. What I mean is, I want to experience strange things. As of this point, I am 33 years old and I can still say these words because strange things have happened in my life. For instance, I believe the strangest thing that has ever occurred to me involves a stuffed groundhog (named Chuckles) found in a garden, a tall television antenna, and a game of volleyball in a stranger’s yard in the middle of the night using their security lights for lighting.

At this point I anticipate something strange to happen in which case I can’t actually say “Stranger things have happened.” because at that exact moment, the strangest things that has ever happened actually just occurred! This would be absolutely amazing. But from that time forward the level will have been raised for strange things. And then the anticipation for the next strangest thing to happen will begin. Yes, I look forward to this very much.

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