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3rd Street Accident

Last night I was sleeping with my window open a crack. I heard the loud rev of a car motor followed by a crashing sound. I woke up and was wondering if I heard it, or if I was dreaming. I looked at the clock and was 2:30am. It was silent outside. I layed down for a few minutes. Then I heard a voice yell “Help!” again and again. Now I knew something bad happened. I dialed 911 and reported that I thought I heard a car accident on 3rd Street or 2nd Street near Polyclinic Hospital. The operator took my name and number and hung up. About 10 minutes later I heard sirens from emergency vehicles come from every direction.

Today I check to see if there was any news on what had happened earlier in the morning. There’s no word of this. So I walked towards where I heard the accident and found the following. There doesn’t seem to be any skid marks showing the driver locked up the brakes before hitting the tree. I don’t know how fast they were going, but there is glass about 70 feet from the tree. I also find it unusual to find this medical debris laying here at the scene of the accident. Is it normal for rescue workers to leave this stuff behind at the scene? From the looks of it, someone was seriously injured. And I really hope that is motor oil beside the tree.