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Michael’s Cafe

My friend Gene gave me a call on Saturday and asked if I wanted to go for a ride on the motorcycles. I took him up on the offer and used this ride to test my bike loaded down with all of the gear I was intending on taking with me on my Texas trip on Saturday. We headed up 15 North from Harrisburg and stopped along the river for a break. Then we came back south to 322 East into Duncannon and stopped at Michael’s Cafe for a bite to eat.

I’ve never been Michael’s Cafe before. In fact, I remember when it was an Arby’s. I was anticipating some diner food. But when we walked inside, it was a lot fancier than I had thought. We were told to grab a seat any where. So we picked the closest table, pulled our jackets off and laid the helmets down. What a GREAT place for a break!

Here’s my lunch. A simple chicken wrap that was absolutely perfect!

My Lunch at Michael's Cafe

And Gene’s Asian Burger.

Gene's Lunch at Michael's Cafe

The fries were amazing! And I couldn’t finish all of my wrap so I just packed it into the BMW top case. I had room.

Gene was getting the low down on the beers available. They seemed to have a great selection. This place puts the establishments on 2nd Street in Harrisburg to shame.

Michael's Cafe Bar

I will definitely be coming back here again. And recommend this to anyone who is traveling along 322/15 in Duncannon, PA.

We then headed East across the Susquehanna River into Dauphin County. We headed up to Millersburg, then east to Lykens where we took a rest stop at a small park before heading back south over the mountains and into Harrisburg.

My bike fully loaded.

Test Pack Ride

And Gene’s Triumph Speed Triple… built for speed.

The Triple