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Accessing Rear Shock on BMW F650GS Twin

Here is how to access the rear shock on a 2009 BMW F650GS Twin. My bike is a factory lowered BMW F650GS Twin and I’m looking at replacing the current rear shock with a standard rear shock. Hopefully with the help of fellow ADVRiders.

The bottom bolt is simple to locate.


But finding where the top bolt is for the rear shock is more difficult. These side panels are each held on with two screws. Pull these side panels off.


Now there is a black plastic plate which needs removed to access the top bolt for the rear shock. Remove the back nuts from this plate.


Then remove the front nuts from this plate.


With the nuts removed, you will need to unclamp any wiring attached to the plate, and wiggle this plate around quite a bit to get it loose. Finally, you will be able to fold it aside revealing the bolt for the top of the rear shock.


This is as far as I got today. I’m going to stop here for now since I haven’t confirmed actual swapping of my lowered rear shock for a standard rear shock. Also, my bike does not have a center stand and I’ll need to get the bike up on something so the swing arm can safely drop when I remove the rear shock. I’m guessing that removing the rear wheel will make accessing the rear shock easier.

I hope this post helps anyone else who was wondering how to access the rear shock on their BMW F650GS Twin, and probably the same for the BMW F800GS.