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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Debt Crisis

Harrisburg Debt Crisis III

On Wednesday, August 11th, Eric Papenfuse held an open forum at the Midtown Scholar book store in midtown Harrisburg. The panel for the forum consisted of Bill Cluck (attorney), Neil Grover (attorney), Heather Long (Patriot-News deputy opinions editor), Juliet Moringiello (Widener School of Law), and Jay Wenger (Susquehanna Group representing Dauphin County).

Harrisburg Debt Crisis I

Bill Cluck lead the discussions.

Harrisburg Debt Crisis II

Juliet Moringiello offered advice and answers on the law as far as a municipality declaring chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Harrisburg Debt Crisis IV

Heather Long discussing things that were uncovered by the Patriot News. There didn’t seem to be anyone else from the Patriot-News at the event to take note and report on the evening.

Harrisburg Debt Crisis V

Eric Papenfuse opening up the discussions from the public that was in attendance.

Harrisburg Debt Crisis VI

Nevin Mindlin who ran against Linda Thompson for mayor of Harrisburg had written an entire speech which seemed to lay the smack down on the current administration of the city of Harrisburg and the current mayor, Linda Thompson.

The one thing that really stood out for me was the fact that the city of Harrisburg, the Harrisburg Authority, and Dauphin County have been suing each other for power of everything. And every time this happens, we the tax payers of Harrisburg and Dauphin county are paying the bill. Each time a financial advisor is brought in to put blame on another entity, we the tax payer are paying the bill. And still, not one person is being proactive, standing on their own feet and making an attempt to solve the financial crisis that the capital of Pennsylvania is in.

Obama and Clinton Await Their Fate


The above photo is now being used on for the article “Obama and Clinton await their fate in North Carolina and Indiana“. The site is user contributed which really adds to the amount of events that can be covered from so many different views.

Hillary Clinton

I was out on the motorcycle this afternoon when I saw a bunch of people standing on the corner of 2nd and Division Street with Hillary Clinton signs. After returning home I hopped online and saw that Hillary Clinton was scheduled to be at the Zembo Mosque on Division Street this evening. This is only a few blocks away from my house so I decided to take advantage of this and go see her speak. After all, I missed Obama when he was in town on Saturday.

Hillary Clinton takes the stage.


The crowd at the Zembo Mosque.


A guy with a mohawk supports Hillary Clinton.


Hillary engages to the crowd.


Getting the crowd excited about changing the future of our country for the better.


Yours truly excited about a new president and looking forward to a national health care system and better educational opportunities in our country.