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Favorite Central PA Motorcycle Ride

I enjoyed an amazing motorcycle ride today. It all started when I was reminiscing on a vista I had discovered when I was about 17 years old and hadn’t seen it since. I live in Harrisburg but really needed to start the trip from Newville, PA. I could have taken Route 641 from Mechanicsburg. But that road from Mechanicsburg to Newville is dreadfully slow. So I decided to simply take I81 south from Harrisburg to Route 233 into Newville.

From Newville I followed Route 641 south-west through Newburg and Roxbury. Once past Roxbury, 641 winds through the mountains with spectacular views! Finally I come to the intersection of 75 and 641. Going straight through this intersection take you to the top of another mountain. This is where I park and take a short hike up to a radio tower. The undergrowth was too thick to enjoy the view. But in the Fall you would have a beautiful view of Franklin County.

Path Valley Vista III

Path Valley Vista II

Path Valley Vista

Continuing over the mountain to the north brings you to Route 35 in Shade Gap. Make a right and follow this north until you reach Route 850 which is on your right. Make a right onto 850 for a nice twisty ride into Perry County. Pass through Honey Grove and cross Route 75. You will pass along the edge of the Tuscarora State Forest and come to an intersection at Route 17.

Rural Bridge

Make a left onto Route 17 and follow through Ickesburg until you get to Millerstown. Make a right at the square in Millerstown onto South Market Street. From here you can follow South Market Street along the river to Newport where you can pick up 322 east. Or you can take 322 east to Harrisburg right outside of Millerstown.

These rural roads offer beautiful scenery and avoid big towns. The small towns you go through really showcase rural life here in Pennsylvania. The trip was roughly 160 miles in length and will take you through Duaphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Huntingdon, Juniata, and Perry counties. If anyone would be interested in going on this ride and want company, I’d be happy to go along.

Ride For Sean

First of all, I am a year older now. The posts have been pretty scarce so I need to catch up a bit on that.

Tomorrow I will be doing my first charityish ride for a co-worker. His son was in a severe accident not long ago in which he was thrown from the vehicle. The insurance company only covers a small fraction of the medical bills. So we are riding to raise money to help the family.

My bike is in dire need of a sprocket and chain. I’m going to double-check it tonight and see if it is safe for an 80 mile ride tomorrow. If not, my friend Ron has decided that I can ride his wife’s Harley-Davidson Sportster. She’s new to riding and not comfortable riding in a large group so she’ll be riding with Ron. I REALLY don’t like Harley’s, but I am in need of some two-wheel therapy and getting out with some friends on such a beautiful weekend seems like it may really cheer me up.

We’ll be meeting at Susquehanna Valley Harley-Davidson at 10am tomorrow, kickstands up at 11am. The ride is going to be about 80 miles through Cumberland, Perry, and Dauphin counties. And it looks like it’s going to be fantastic weather!



Revisiting Perry County

Rural Pennsylvania Ride

After doing a lot of work around the house yesterday and waiting for my new mobile phone to arrive I decided to head off for a ride to Perry County. I wanted to visit “The Pond”, which is land that has been in my family for a very long time.

I knew I would go north on route 15. But then I decided to stop and plug in “shortest route” to Ickesburg. It was basically the same route I usually take until shortly after New Bloomfield. My GPS found me a wonderful dirt road towards Mansville and a few other roads that I was not familiar with. It was a nice change from taking the “fastest route”.

Unfortunately on my way back I headed for a dirt road that I remembered from when I was growing up. To my surprise it had been paved! Damn. The search for dirt roads gets more difficult. Maybe I should look at trading the F 650 GS on a BMW R 1200 RT instead.