Texas Trip Departure

I thought I would start off this ride report with my departure day. No riding has occurred yet. But in an hour or so I should be hitting the road on the BMW F650GS heading for Austin, Texas. There is a cold front coming in from the west with rain and possibly snow. So today I plan to get as far south as possible. I hope to get to Knoxville, Tennessee today. Nashville, Tennessee would be even better because it would allow me to ride the Natchez Trace Parkway on Sunday which is looking like one of the colder days of my trip. The Natchez Trace has a 45 mph speed limit which is just fine for cold weather.

The cases are packed. Now I need to eat some breakfast, load up the bike, and wait for my friend Mike to arrive (he lives 2 blocks away), then I’m off. Mike will ride with me out of Pennsylvania until around lunch time. Then he’ll be heading back after we grab some food.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Too many thoughts going through my head. This is a solo journey. I need to not let it bother me that I will be alone. My intentions are to meet people along the way and make some new friends. And when I’m on the bike I can use that time to think about good things in my life and let the stress in my life fade away.

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