The City of Harrisburg Dog License

My Harrisburg city utilities bill just arrived and contained a green letter titled “The City of Harrisburg Dog License”. The front of this document says that this document was enacted on 1/1/1999 and revised on 3/30/2011. As I read over this document I have a few concerns.

The document reads:

  • Prior to March 1st the fee is $6 for a yearly license, $14 for a multi-year license, and $35 for a dangerous dog.
  • After March 1st, the fee is $12.00 for a yearly license, $20 for a multi-year license, and $70 for a dangerous dog.

Since the document was just updated on 3/30/2011 and I only received this on 5/4/2011, that makes it impossible for me to pay the lesser amount of $6 for a yearly license and instead will need to pay $12. I’d like to know how many dog owners in the city actually admit to owning a “dangerous” dog or skip having a dog license all together.

The document also does not cover any exemptions for dog owners who have had their pets microchipped. Maybe I was misinformed but I thought one of the benefits of having your dog microchipped was that it acted as a lifetime dog license.

Also, under Fee Exemptions it reads:

  • Owners who have purchased a Lifetime Dog License from the county of Dauphin prior to January 31st, 1999. Owners who decide to obtain a Lifetime License after this date must still obtain a yearly or multi-year license from the City of Harrisburg.

A Lifetime Dog License for Dauphin County is $51.45 for one neutered male dog. Unfortunately the city of Harrisburg doesn’t seem to have a Lifetime Dog License so you’re stuck with a yearly or 3-year license.

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    Ben June 15, 2011

    Last time I knew, the other month, the city didn’t have a contract with the humane society either. Which means that the humane society won’t take dogs from the city.

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