Toyota Tacoma Bed Sleeping Camping Platform S01E03

I need to be able to sleep in the back of my truck. That’s one of the reasons I bought the truck. Here are some ideas I mocked up in Adobe Photoshop (because it’s the app I know, I don’t have Illustrator on this Mac).

Toyota Tacoma Bed Platform

This view shows the bed with the platform in place (plywood covered with carpet). My idea is to have two folding hinged extensions that can fold down and lay on top of the drawers with the tailgate down to add about another foot of sleeping space.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Platform Overlay

This view shows the platform sections semi-transparent revealing the base system below. Note the left drawer partially pulled out to brace the driver side platform extension.

Toyota Tacoma Bed Platform

This view completely hides the platform itself and only shows the base system. The green rectangles are the drawers to store gear. The pink rectangles are boards that can lay into the Tacoma built-in bed ledge. This view shows the left side drawer partially pulled out.

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