Violence in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you have been listening to the news lately you may have heard of the frequent shootings here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Everyone seems to be blaming everyone else. There’s talk of the Pennsylvania State Police coming in to the city to help the Harrisburg Police Department, some want the National Guard to help, and the Guardian Angels from York, Pennsylvania came to the city to patrol our streets.

The problem stems from the youth. Simple as that. Of course these people have influence from somewhere. They need to be reached out to and changed! Their thoughts are simply wrong. Take the following video for example. Just possibly, the people in this video are behind something illegal that has happened in the city of Harrisburg.

“All my niggas doin’ crimes and facing time as high as the big dipper”

“Bullets whiz past your head my aim lazy. Never been to the range dog I blaze crazy.”

“We on the block. Look a shot ricochet hit your daughter and baby heads. Look, this is real livin’. You can help me out like pimpin’ but I kill like Jordan and I grill like Foreman.”

“… when the car come through throw five shots in his top. Fuck it, it was broad day on the fuckin’ block but he had to let his gun pop.”

You get the idea of what is going through these people’s minds. They need to get some real jobs and get off the streets. It’s not that difficult. Go to school, go to college, and start a career. It’s all available to you!

Maybe the HPD should just go through YouTube and try to identify all of the people who seem to be flaunting their disregard for the law. Sounds like a good place to start to me.

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    hilltop pa June 27, 2009

    ok, they are just rapping, 2 of these young men are college graduates, their just expressing themselves, if you’re not from the hood you wouldn’t understand.

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