Way To Go!

The phrase “Way to go!” gets taken for granted. I learned this around 7am Monday morning.

I was picking up a friend and her relatives to take them to the airport. Her son was happy to see me and quickly showed me the grades he received on to of his school projects. My answer was “Way to go!” This all seemed absolutely normal to me and he had a smile on his face. But his mom who speaks fluent Spanish and does pretty well with English, but still learning, did not understand the phrase. So I explained that it meant “Good job.” which may make more sense. Or that it was a way of showing pride.

But, it can also be used sarcastically, in which case it means the opposite. For instance, your friend is carrying you groceries from the car to the house and they drop the carton of eggs. You could then say “Way to go!” but in this case you would not be proud of them. We both agreed that we do not like sarcasm.

It also makes me think that learning English must be difficult. The phrase “Way to go!” doesn’t actually have anything to do with a person going any where. And the word “way”? doesn’t actually tell me where the person should be going, or in what “way” the person is going. OMG English is confusing.

Regardless, he understood that I was proud of his accomplishments and all were happy.

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