Hacking for IE6

I’ve just spent a few days working on a site design problem with IE6. You see, you can’t just develop a web site for IE7 and Firefox. You should be testing your site design in different versions and include Safari and Opera (and maybe even a few others to be safe). But I found that IE6 was giving me some major trouble.

I was having problems with two things with IE6. First, IE6 doesn’t support PNG-24 transparency. Second, it has problems understanding the min-height css attribute. So after hours of trial-and-error and googling I found a solution for each of these.

To force IE6 to display transparent PNG-24 files I used bgsleight.js offered by Nater Kane. This actually worked perfectly to display PNG-24 files that I had used as background images in several divs in the site design.

IE6 didn’t seem to understand that I wanted a div to be the entire height of the browser window. Other browsers handled this with no problem when I set the min-height to 100%. I found my answer here. And it really isn’t a hack. It simply involves placing my styles for the min-height to the bottom of my css file. But now IE6 displays the div as a 100% height in the browser. Mission accomplished.

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