Shooting Lightning

An amazing storm just passed over Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with an outstanding lightning show.


This was my first attempt at photographing lightning. The trick was to set my Nikon D70 at a wide angle to catch as much of the horizon as I could. I also set the focus at infinity since there really wasn’t anything to focus on.


The Nikon D70 was mounted on a tripod for stability because I would be taking a long exposure. By putting the Nikon D70 in Manual mode, I’m able to turn the shutter speed open as far as possible. This puts the camera in “Bulb” mode. Meaning the camera would expose as long as I held the shutter button down.


Playing with the aperture, I was able to watch the horizon for the lightning and hold the shutter button down until I felt I captured a few strikes. It’s a lot of luck and practice to capture lightning.


These were taken from my balcony facing east. Not the most un-obstructed view or the prettiest, but it’s the way the storm was heading. Probably not the wisest thing to be standing on a metal rood holding a metal tripod. But a photographer has to get his shot!


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