About Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith, web designer, graphic designer, and photographer based in Harrisburg, PA.I began my career as a graphic designer in the 1990's. Cranking out page layouts in QuarkXPress and creating clipping paths in Adobe Photoshop was my thing. Soon I found myself managing a product photography studio and digital photo library. Then I chose to branch into web design as the World Wide Web exploded.

Building websites from scratch, writing HTML, and optimizing images came naturally. This was before the thought of a content management system. This experience then lead to the discover of MovableType, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. WordPress has become my tool of choice for web development as it is extremely functional and expandable to meet my client's needs.

Along with designing and managing websites, I have also setup eCommerce websites and worked with large online e-tailers such as Amazon.com, Overstock.com, and others. Optimizing product images, descriptions, and inventory allowed me to dramatically increase online sales for one client. But my skills don't stop there.

Every business these days wants to grow, and with that comes SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I work with my clients to develop and implement a strategy which involves social media, content, and analytics. This strategy is always ongoing and I will work with my clients every step of the way.

Life isn't always about work though. I'm a person just like you. I'm often found walking around Harrisburg with my dog. We like to frequent Riverfront Park. As a fan of nature, I also spend a lot of time hiking, kayaking, camping, and riding motorcycle through the many forests here in Pennsylvania. To satisfy my creative mind, I'm always photographing and sharing my photos on Instagram, Flickr, and 500px. These are the things that keep me happy, and I work hard to keep my clients happy.